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DNO-Yemen Strike Continues

National Yemen

DNO-Yemen Strike is to continue

By National Yemen

The local employees of DNO-Yemen are likely to continue their partial strike–maybe even transitioning to a full strike–if the company and the Ministry of Oil and Minerals cannot find a way to meet their demands fairly. National Yemen has published news on the agreement of the two syndicates of Hadhramout blocks 32 and 43; these blocks are operated by Norwegian oil giant DNO.

DNO-Yemen has been known for the past decade as the best oil company in the country. The country has made a serious investment in Yemen, obtaining a different PSA with the government in different parts of the country. Lately, DNO appears to be following in the flawed footsteps of other international oil companies with regard to their local staff.

According to a fired employee, the company has rejected all the solutions proposed by the syndicate and the Deputy Minister of Oil and Minerals. Due to the long holiday, National Yemen was unable to reach the company itself for comment.

“The new company general manger attended a meeting last week at the Ministry, and he left the Ministry promising to suspend all employees’ salaries,” said the sources.

Eleven employees have been completely laid off, including three from the head office in Sana’a and eight from the fields (operations areas of block 32 and 43). One of the fired staff was dismissed for his bad smell and others were dismissed because their services no longer needed. The company has replaced them with a subcontractors to do their work for the favor of contractual deal.

The tragedy may continue between the company and the staff with weak interference from the Oil and Minerals Ministry and the slow work of the the judiciary. The management of the company, however, knows that corruption in the country could delay staff calls for a long time. “If this is the case of the company with its international presents, then we have the full right to make our case open to public opinions so that people can understand our need,” said one fired employee.

The DNO Company has thus far been very productive. However, workers are waiting for their demands to be met in ways that allow them legal recourse. Both groups hope to reach a mutually-agreeable solution soon.


  • seems the workers are trying to steal from the company without really doing work…they are themselves corrupt