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Southern Movements Begin to Politicize

National Yemen

Tariq al-Fadhli

By National Yemen
The leader of the southern Herak group, Hassan Zaid bin Yahya, revealed recently that there a preparatory committee will be assembled to plan the formation of a southern separatist parliament in the coming days. 
In statements made to the newspaper, “Political Kuwait,” bin Yahya explained that a committee formed under the chairmanship of Abdul Rahman Allwali would join all the Herak forces both inside and outside. This group would serve as the nucleus used to determine the future of the South and the management of all state institutions. Later, this parliament would serve in the formation of the Southern Government.  
The southern leader Bin Yahya added that the first meeting of the parliament would take place on 4th of January in Aden.
He emphasized that the Dialogue events in Sana’a did not mean anything to the South, adding that decisions reached by the Conference resembled the events of Geneva, 1967. These decisions led to the withdrawal of northern forces from the south and al-Herak’s reassuming of authority.

In similar news, the prominent intertribal Sheikh of southern Yemen Tarq al-Fadali recently announced the imminent formation of a separate transitional government in south Yemen soon.   
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In a phone call with al-Fadali, he stated that “right now, we are discussing with the southern leaders, officials, and a officers in the army to form a south transitional government.”
He added that a free army will be forming soon, and the formal announcement for the government may take place in the coming days after finishing all necessary preparations. At that point, the new government’s separation from the Sana’a government—considered by al-Fadali to be an occupation government—will be announced.
Al-Fadali also noted that one of the aims of the new transitional government is to care for the lives and safety of southern people, particularly after the lives harmed and damage done at the hands of the occupying north. They also intend to protect southern lands and borders and improve relationships between Yemen, its neighboring countries, and the international community.  
 On the free army, al-Fadali said, “we have agreed with the leaders and officers. When we announce the transitional government, there won’t be any response from them to the Sana’a government.”
Regarding expected clashes with the Yemeni government al-Fadali added, “in case the southern people are exposed to any armed attack, the army will defend the southern land and people.”

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