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Accusations Rebound After Partial NDC Withdrawal by Harak

National Yemen

Southern politicians disagree with each others

By National Yemen

On the 46th Anniversary of the Independence Day , 30 November 2013, President Hadi reported that people would not accept any compromise on the southern issue, and that he would not accept any bidding or compromise on Yemeni unity, as well.

In an interview with Sky News Channel, a southern leader who withdrew from the Dialogue to resolve the issue of South emphasized that president Hadi is behind the withdrawal of al-Harak from the dialogue. 

In a direct interview with Sky News channel on 30November, the engineer Badr Basalma—a member of the negotiating committee established to help the Dialogue resolve the southern issue—said that the illegal interventions in Harak’s affairs by President Hadi and the National Dialogue Secretariat pushed the group to step out of the Conference. They also expressed frustration with the Secretariat’s insistence on changing representatives of the southern component against the majority opinion as was typically the case when restructuring other special interest groups at the Dialogue.

According to Harak, they did not want to be false witnesses or to bear the responsibility of any results of the dialogue in front of the southern people.

A list of names of Harak representatives currently on “withdrawal” from the Conference was recently distributed to media outlets by the Information Office at the Dialogue Conference.

Related statements mention that the list contains fifty retracted names out of seventy names representing Harak in the Conference. The statements go on to add that of the 85 names listed, only 70 were actually NDC members, while the remaining 15 were Herak leaders outside of the Dialogue process. Because they were absent, however, they were put on the list submitted to President Hadi.

The US took this time to renew the work of Special Advisor for Yemen’s Affairs Jamal Bin Omar. In a statement issued by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, all Yemeni parties were urged to continue working and cooperating closely with bin Omar. Ki-Moon also expressed his concern about practices aimed at stopping the process of peaceful transition in Yemen, emphasizing the readiness of the US to take action against those who contribute to disable political statement.

The UN official called on Yemeni parties to contribute faithfully to the NDC and resolve all their disputes through dialogue. The Assistant Secretary General of the General People’s Congress Party Sultan al-Barakani said that the report submitted by UN envoy Jamal bin Omar to the Security Council was a “weak” report from a “weak man,” but the document overall increased the morale of the Conference and former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The President of the southern issue, Mohammed Ali Ahmed, expressed his insistence that the southern people achieve the aim which brought them together.

The Yemeni Socialist Party called on different political and social forces to complete the NDC and carry out the agreement of the Gulf Initiative as supported by UN decisions in order to Yemen into a modern, democratic, civil state.

The Deputy President of the Conference of Dialogue Yassin Makkawl considered the withdrawal decision of Harak a thing belonging to only a few people. These people do not represent a majority, nor do they have the right to decide the southern issue, and their withdrawal from the Conference reflects a personal opinion.

Makkawl added, in an interview with al-Jazeera, that they emphasized the continued participation of Harak in the NDC, for they believe that the Dialogue is the best means to deliver the southern voice to the international community and the Security Council, as the southern issue has become the main issue in Yemen’s Dialogue process.

Besides, the Deputy President of the Conference of dialogue Yassin Makkawi considered the withdrawal decision of Southern al-Harak is a thing belongs to limited people. Those people don’t represent the majority and they don’t have the right to decide about south issue, and their withdrawal from the NDC is a personal opinion.

Makkawi added to al- Jazeera that they emphasized the continued participation of south al-Harak in NDC  for they believe NDC it’s the way to deliver the south sound to the international community and the Security Council, and the South issue has become is the main issue in the dialogue