Arabic-Turkish Program Seeks to Expand Turkish Yemeni Ties

National Yemen

Fazli Çorman, the Turkish ambassador, and Mehmet Yilmaz cuts the red ribbon for the Anadolu Institute

By : Tahani al-Sabri

On Wednesday, 27 November the Anadolu Institute for Turkish and Arabic language instruction celebrated its grand opening.

The ceremony was attended by Fazli Çorman, the Turkish ambassador, and Mehmet Yilmaz, the head of the Turkish school. Corman reiterated that language is the common link between people, and furthermore can be considered one of the most important tools behind developing and strengthening relations to create better cooperation and exchange among communities.

In his address during the opening ceremony, Corman commended the Institute’s new style of instruction and the contribution he said it will make to deepening relations between Yemen and Turkey through its students. Because the program, which is part of the Turkish School, will teach Arabic to Turkish students and Turkish to Yemeni students, the door will be open to encourage greater cooperation between the two countries in areas of health, economics, and education.

The Institute opened three years ago, and at that time it attracted several Yemeni students to study Turkish, and some of them achieved scholarships to travel to Turkey. Because of the strong interest in the program among Yemenis, the Institute was expanded to facilitate an increase in student body size.

Mehmet Yilmaz, the head of the Turkish school, said in her remarks that “the Institute offers consulting services for Yemenis interested in education to learn Turkey as well as short courses for Yemenis interested in travel to Turkey and need basic communication skills.”

The Institute currently serves 60 Yemeni students and 40 Turkish students. The Institute is part of an international system headquartered in Turkey, but with branches in over thirty countries.