Arwa Othman sells Yemen to Hamid al-Ahmar

National Yemen

Arwa Othman

By Arwa Othman
In a sarcastic tone and on behalf of Yemenis, Arwa Othman, activist and NDC rights and freedoms group leader, wrote a message to Hamid al-Ahmar titled Yemen to its Owner Hamid al-Ahmar.

 She started her message with that “We all, 25 million Yemeni, all classes, elites, officials, ministers including the current, pre-and post Yemeni presidents, government, parliament, ministries and institutions, valleys, mountains, seas, trees, stones, animals, jinn and mankind and even fetuses in their mothers’ wombs decided to sell Yemen for you at the cheapest prices for the Sandaqa, a small shop where Hamid said he collects his wealth, is not enough for you, Mr. Hamid al-Ahmar.”

Adding in the context of what she wrote, “we feel pity when seeing you struggle to buy: lands, institutions, state agencies, roads, the individuals and groups, ministers and officials, businessmen, journalists, writers and intellectuals people so we decided to be the only owner of Yemen and Yemenis. You have the right to make of Yemenis your escorts, fighters, murderers, kidnappers and play a game by them. Not only this but also you can make a wall around us as a land as you did country, human and air.”

In another very cynical post, Arwa Othman directed a letter to the scholarly woman Asma al-Zindani, on the substance of her sarcastic words, Othman demanded al-Zindani to accept her in Muftiyat group, “please don’t seek refuge with me for I am a Jinni and you are from best mankind and have nicknames such as Zozo. But believe me, I am a Muslim Jinni who prays and stands against all rights and freedoms, including equal citizenship. I want to inform you that I am one of the participants of al-Steen peaceful, armed popular revolution led by your fathers and protectors Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar and Hamid al-Ahmar.”

 Finally Othman sarcastically asked them to give her the right to be the lady mufti for the Jinn nation. “I just want to borrow your revolution with its slogan, also to borrow the poverty to treat it by Fatwa from al-Eman University and the blessing of Qatar, Turkey, and international regulation of the Muslims Brotherhood, Islah,” she demanded.  

 “Please, when you and your parents give me a Muslim Mufti name, make it neither eastern nor western; what do you think?” she asked.