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Text of the Interrogation of Deputy Abdul Karim Jadbaan for six Ministers

National Yemen

Abdul Karim Jadbaan,

By National Yemen Staff
Esquire House Speaker, Peace be upon you.
According to the Constitution and Regulations, I offer an interrogation for: Prime Minister, Interior Minister, Defense minister, Finance Minister, Minister of Education, and Minister of Civil Service and Insurance about recruiting 200,000 soldiers outside the ministry at a Budget Committee meeting in the House of Representatives without the knowledge of the Defense Minister, and recruiting 53,000 soldiers according to the Finance Minister in a House hearing on the day of approval of the budget, 19 January 2013, without formal declaration for people .
 According to a United Nations report, half of Yemeni people suffer from malnutrition; this means about 13 million people need to urgent humanitarian assistance. The World Bank emphasized that the poverty rate in Yemen reached to more than 52 % of population and this equals more than 12 million poor people of population, which is 24 million people.
Also, the adoption of 2500 degrees of functional for the schools of teaching Holy Qur’an in order to satisfy the parties’ interests, although there are hundreds of thousands of unemployed youth!
Is there a fear of the Yemeni people to lose Islam?
Are these its priorities while it’s suffering of hunger?
What about the strange activities in opening universities and institutes for teaching Holy Qur’an? And the competition among state officials to donate hundreds of millions to these projects from the profiteers of this poor people? Then the government decided to stop hiring and recruiting for four years after they have finished hiring their followers!
What are the justifications of failure of the educational process in Sa’ada, by moving more than 600 teachers from there? What are the Finance Minister’s justifications for giving billions of riyals to the Wafa Association that belongs to the Reform Party or treat the wounded, although of presence of a special committee responsible of the Revolution wounded file? All these serve the interests of the parties.
All the best,
Interrogation Submitted by / Abdul Karim Jadbaan,
a member of the parliament