Yemen capital flees the country

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Hassan al-Kbous

By National Yemen 

The head of the of the chamber of Commerce in Sana’a, Mr. Hassan al-Kibous has accused the government of punishing national companies by forcing illegal and unaffordable taxes upon Yemeni businessmen. Al-Kibous recently hosted a press conference at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce to brief them on the growing difficulties of continuing investment in such a fragile situation and with the the noticeable lack of support from the government in pursuing investment projects to better compete with international products.

Al-Kibous says that many businessmen have shifted their investments to Saudia Arabia, Jordan and other Arab countries, because of  the smooth treatment of the government of imported goods over exported goods. The low security and the absence of good infrastructure are other factors allowing local industrial companies in these countries to survive for extended periods of time.

Al-Kibous has called on the help of media to assist the business community through publishing transparent stories, documenting the kidnapping of businessmen such as Mouneer Hayel Saeed, and covering the aggressive overtaking of properties and the killing of Khalid Sharab, whose killers remain moving freely, without trial or even formal accusation.

There is no doubt that businessmen moves within the space given to him by the government for free trade. “Here in Yemen, we are paying more then what we are making, and because of this concern, many of us have moved our business abroad. We see the government offering better facilities for the foreigner investor more than us. We need the government to treat us the same as other countries are doing. We still lack equal opportunity.”

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