Yemeni researcher Achieves Master’s Degree from Malaysian University

National Yemen

Sami Mohammed Jassar

By National Yemen Staff
Yemeni researcher Sami Mohammed Jassar has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in the Media Player field from Limkokwing University of Malaysia. His Master’s thesis focuses on employing technology developments, media devices, and communication in solving the problem of addresses and information in Yemeni cities.
More specifically, his thesis handles the problems caused by the lack of a clear system for the addresses of streets, companies, government departments, houses and others in Yemeni cities. It also addresses the lack of the information about institutions and public and private facilities, which results in many problems for tourists and citizens as well.
His paper proposes a technical solution through use of a free application for smart phones containing a large information base of addresses and brief information about target destinations.
Jassar explains that the application would be equipped with GPS service able to guide users to specific locations, step by step, via satellite targeting. The addresses would be marked in advance on electronic maps of the area.
Jassar says that the most important features of this application are its user friendliness, multilingual language support, and lack of any cost to download. The application would also be regularly updated with new addresses and information. There will also be a special search engine contained within the application to find certain locations.