Ambassadors’ Wives Renew their Activities in Yemen

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Ambassadors’ Wives Renew their Activities in Yemen

By Asma al-Mohattwari

After five years of absence, the international exhibition and annual charity bazaar has finally returned to Sana’a.

On Saturday, November 7, the Association of Heads of Diplomatic Missions’ Wives (HOMSA) held their international exhibition and bazaar in the Hadah Valley School. The bazaar aimed to support various charitable activities funded by HOMSA.

Nadia Abu Zaher, the chairwoman of the association and the wife of the Algerian Ambassador, said that the association had stopped their activities for five years due to Yemen’s troubling security situation. It is now returning to action to prove that Yemen is fine and that the near future will be peaceful.

She stated that she wanted Yemenis, ambassadors’ wives, and NGOs to understand that this event was not only designed for women to gather and entertain themselves, but that it was also a charity event intended to help a small group of Yemenis.

Dr. Azza Abu Ghanem, the head of the Diplomatic Club, thanked the ambassadors’ wives for their involvement in the charity work and other events during this critical juncture in Yemeni history. These acts, she said, proved that Yemen was able to stand up and face its difficulties.

At the bazaar event, the ambassadors’ wives expressed their happiness about the planned activities. The Turkish ambassador’s wife, Ms. Gulhan Corman, said that after the violent incident at the Ministry of Defense on Thursday, this event encouraged people’s good spirit and helped them overcome the tragedy of the attack.

“I hope we make good returns in order to help poor people in Yemen, and I wish we could hold this event every year to donate to people in need,” Ms. Corman said.

The Pakistani Ambassador’s wife, Aysha Jrfan Shami, said that the bazaar serves as an international message to all the countries of the world, and that such events must be encouraged. “Yemeni people are so welcoming. I have been in many countries but Yemen is the most wonderful,” Shami said. “I really love living in Yemen. I never feel that I am away from home. Yemen is my second home, and it is our duty to make a change in the life of poor Yemenis”.

Mrs. Bilquis Ahmed, chairman of the Jawhara Agency for Media and Employment, said that the goal of the bazaar is to help poor families, orphanages, and other needy people.

“We thank the wives of ambassadors, led by the Algerian ambassador’s wife Nadia Abu Zaher, for their wonderful efforts creating a true partnership in the spirit of Arab unity, solidarity and Arab togetherness.”

Aside from food, clothes, and painting displays, the ceremony also featured Palestinian Dabke (a traditional dance style) and local San’aani art.

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  • Coming up with an exhibition like this international exhibition and bazaar for a good cause was really inspirational. I am just hoping to see more images of the displays. For sure, it was all remarkable.