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Security Tightened Around President’s Home

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Interior Minister stands close to President Hadi a day before the attacks of the compound Defense Ministry

Protection forces have intensified security procedures around sensitive installations in Sana’a in preparation for any attack subsequent to the assault on the city’s Defense Ministry Compound last Thursday, December 5. That attack left 57 dead and over 160 wounded.

As of December 8, security had been tightened considerably around President Hadi’s residence, employing numerous concrete barriers to deter vehicular entry. The barriers also surround the Libya Mall shopping complex adjacent to the president’s home. 

Sources in the Defense Ministry have stated that undetonated car bombs are still at large within the city and have yet to be apprehended–or located–by security forces. The recent attack has also led to an increase in international warnings about the dangerous situation in Yemen’s coming period. Important information on the December 5 attack, such as which parties were responsible, is still forthcoming. 

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  • Such kind of security should be provided to every citizen of the country. Such tight security is appreciated and we hope that such tight security should be available for all the people.