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President Hadi Consoles his Party After Defense Ministry compound Attack

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President Hadi Consoles his Party After Ministry Attack

By National Yemen Staff
Interim President Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi recently returned to Yemen, and spoke before the General People’s Congress Party and its allies. After a surprising break, Hadi met with GPC members in a meeting of reconciliation and solidarity in facing recent events.
During his meeting with party allies, Hadi discussed these events, including the storming of the Defense Complex last week.
Sources said that the Commission of Inquiry deleted paragraphs from its report before submitting this report to the media. Those paragraphs are said to have been deleted on the basis of presidential directives involving accusing military and other high-ranking leaders. President Hadi prefers that those leaders resign quietly. 
Hadi looked affected during his last meeting because of the defense Ministry compound attack, and he spoke on the failure of the reconciliation government. He demanded that that the GPC party stand beside him, and mentioned that the al-Qaeda attack involved an accidental entry into his office.
He informed those present that he would soon meet with other political forces to discuss what is happening in the country. 
According to the agency, news of the terrorist event was disclosed on Thursday morning, after the assault on the hospital complex left many medical staff—including both Yemeni and foreign nurses—dead. Most of the patients in the hospital were there for treatment, medication, or laboratory testing. Many guards and soldiers were also killed in the encounter.
During a meeting on Sunday at the Presidential Palace for members of the General Committee of the General People’s Congress and the political parties of the National Alliance, President Hadi said that he considered the crime to be an act of unspeakable cruelty unprecedented in Yemen. He described the incident as devoid of Muslim faith as well as humanity and morality.
“Yemen is going through security, economic, and political crises right now. We must exert maximum efforts in order to bring Yemen to safety and overcome all of these challenges. This is a serious national responsibility, and it should be the focus of all interaction between political forces and other involved parties, as well as members of community and cultural groups.”