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Youth conference display at the cultural center

By Abdulaziz al-Masaabi

The Youth Opportunities conference was held in Sana’a’s Culture Center on the 15th and 16th of December. The conference was full day affair both days that it ran, and it aimed to discuss the current situation of youth opportunities and the difficulties and obstacles faced by Yemeni youth today. A group paper created by the event discusses the same topics as the conference.  The event was supported by a group of companies, and sponsored as well by National Yemen.

The conference also explored means to activate the role of governmental, international, and private organizations in supporting youth and supplying them with new opportunities in a variety of fields. The various sectors explored ways to introduce Yemeni youth to new opportunities and teach them how to get the most out of thes opportunities.

National Yemen spoke with several conference organizers, all of whom worked very  hard to make this dream come true for Yemen’s youth.

Mr.Ammar Morshed, head organizer of the event, said, “the idea of the event came from a youth; we saw a lot of youth getting to a point where they were disappointed and unable to secure scholarships. It is even worse when youths see their friends go for a scholarship and fail to achieve one. We uploaded a survey abou the conference and everyone who responded was interested, so we started planning this event.”

He continued, “few people helped us and fewer still sponsored us. We couldn’t find enough people, and many of the organizers were not qualified, as this was the first time that many of them had organized an event like this. This was also one of the problems we faced. We also had to deal with the absence of involvement from the governmental sector.”

Sadam Ali is the general secretary of youth opportunities. He told National Yemen, “we hope that after this conference the Yemeni youth will find more opportunities as we supply them with more websites and  ways to find those opportunities. I want to thank everyone that supported our event, especially NationalYemen.”

On the other side of the conference, we chatted with conference participants. Our first conversation was with Marwa Salah.

 “I’m so glad that I was accepted into the conference. It is such an honor to be her and meet so many youths, all of whom share the same dream and hope to evelop our country.”

Mohammed Alrefa’e was cautiously optimistic. “I have attended a lot of conferences that discuss this same idea, and I hope that I will see a difference in this one. As we can see, the government didn’t care about this, which is going to force the conference organizers to work harder.“

The conference included many talented performances, from singing to acting. There were also many working papers made available at the conference, including “Governmental Sectors and Their Role in Supporting the Youth” by Dr. Moen Abdalmalak. Fahmi al-Baheth also presented a working paper entitled. “The itnernet as a tool to get to the top of the business field.