Indian Electrical Company Will light up electricity in Yemen

National Yemen

Bharat, Indian Company ecective Delegation

By Abdulazia al-Masaabi

Bharat, an Indian Company for heavy electrical equipment has recently started working in Marib. According to Chairman and Managing Director Mr. B.P.Raohe in an exclusive interview, by the 14th of December Marib will have its electricity supplied by the Indian company’s project.

The project, which will cost 380 million USD, includes multiple stages to be implemented over the next two years. “By March 2015, all of Yemen’s electricity needs will be met,” Mr. Rao said.

The project also involves Yemeni labor, offering them training in India and onsite housing complexes in order to provide better services for workers and the people of Yemen. 24/7 site maintaining also offers easier control of the machinery involved. “One button can control the whole thing easily and simply, “ Mr.Rao guaranteed.

The company also wished to highlight its goal of building better relations with Yemen in light of the close ties enjoyed by the two countries in years past.

When asked about the security situation in Yemen, Mr. Rao responded, “the company has worked in worse circumstances. During the Libya conflict, our company was the last to evacuate the country and the first to return. Even after we had returned, many companies did not wish to come back, so we volunteered to finish their work for the sake of promoting a better future for Libya.

The chairman also mentioned the cooperation of the government in facilitating the company’s work, which made their activities much easier.

At the end the interview, Mr.Rao reasserted the importance of power to help a country raise its living standards. He also made sure to mention that security, social and public relations, and sustainability are all crutches to help develop a country, and he sees all of these in the future of Yemen. This development is also the goal of both Bharat and India at large for Yemen.


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