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Yemen oil Minister, Minister of Education and executive board of Safer donates school equipment

By Abdul Aziz al-Masaabi

The Contributions of the Safer Company in Societal Development

The Safer Company for Exploration and Production Operations and Oil held a press conference on the 5th of December in Sana’a to deliver the first batch of school furniture to the Marib province under the patronage of the Minister of Oil and Minerals, Mr. Ahmed Daars and the Minister of Education D. Abdulrazak Ashwal. This gift follows the mission plan of the company, which prioritizes strengthening its role in community development.

The donation also will include contributions of more than 10,000 chair and desk sets to support the over 10,000 students in the Marib governorate. This donation alone cost more than 300 million rials, on top of the 300 sets of audio equipment and 4,000 white boards (complete with 8,000 markers) already donated by the company. They have also contributed office furniture, chairs, filing cabinets and other materials to schools in the province.

The donations have largely been managed by local authorities in Marib, headed by governor Sultan al-Aerdh and General Director of the Education Office in order to ensure equal distribution throughout the province and to allow for presentation of the furniture at a formal ceremony. The materials will then be distributed to all schools in the district in order to follow, without deviation, the plan put forward by the Marib Education Office and the governor himself.

The charitable act is part of the public involvement framework of the Safer corporation, which has pledged to serve the community and support the country’s educational development. The company has stated that what is now needed is to take advantage of the available possibilities in the country in coordination with local authorities and the Ministry of Finance. This supporting role does not require adopting the role of local authorities, which already have budgets and administrative bodies in place, but rather participating in educational development in order to strengthen the company’s role in promoting the interests of children in the governorate. This step comes after much discussion and meetings with local authorities in Marib. The company, along with its new focus on societal development, has drawn much attention. Over 465 schools spread over 14 districts, including over 20 educational centers, will benefit from its charitable activities.

Safer has worked from its inception on supporting the educational needs of Yemen. This includes developing the tools and capabilities of the educational sector, supporting building projects among the College of Education in maintenance and furnishing as well as constructing a Marib residence hall and providing modern buses to facilitate transportation for college students.