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Tameh reveals the perpetrators of al-Aourdi complex attack

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Al-Aourdi explosions reach out door cars

By Tameh, via witter

In a new surprise, Emirati Twitterer Tameh al-mashahur has revealed new leaks on his Twitter blog account. In particular, he disclosed the participation of a number of important officers and Saudi officials, including the Chief of Staff, Major General Ahmed Ali al-Ashwal and Secretary General of al-Haq party Hassan Zaid. According to Tameh’s tweets, all of them were complicit in al-Aourdi Hospital break-in.

Tameh claimed in his post that “Major General Mehdi Magwalah was the leading military commander in the terrorist process of breaking into the Defense Complex and the subsequent attempt to assassinate President Hadi.

He also said that the terrorist process was supervised by former president Saleh, and Mehdi Magwalah, who spent three months training in Rimat Hamid Camp to copy the experience of breaking into military areas in Mukalla.

Tameh further revealed that participants in the attack included the Chief of Staff of the Yemeni army, who colluded with director of Saudi intelligence Bandar bin Sultan. Tameh says that his information comes from high intelligence reports.

Tameh also reported that attack plans called for the attacks leaders to assassinate President Hadi in al-Aourdi, and that General al-Ashwal was one of them. He pointed to the Houthis who eased the entry process by working with Houthi officers within the Ministry of Defense.

Tameh also added that the original plans called for the distribution of a group of Houthis around the Perimeter of the Defense Ministry to complete the assassination of the president in the event that he escaped the car bomb. He also claimed that Hadi knew about this plan and its participants beforehand, and that the President had asked al-Qamish to catch them before the operation began. Al-Qamish failed in this.

Tameh emphasized that President Hadi was not in the Defense Ministry at the time of attack. Hadi had sent General Ali Mohsen to the Defense Ministry to gain control over the situation in case the attack continued.

Tameh also said, Houthis were waiting for the success of the attack in order to overtake the building of the Radio and TV towers, after which they were going to announce the inauguration of al-Ra’ai in an army statement made by General al-Ashwal. According to the plan, al-Ra’ai will cover President vacant according to the law.

Tameh said that Hadi demonstrated great courage by traveling to the site of the attack to eliminate the remains of Saleh. Hadi also demanded the arrest of al-Qamish, Mahdi Magwalah, Saleh Habra, Mohammed Saleh, Ammar, and Tariq Saleh because of their direct participation in the terrorist operation.