The most dangers mouth cancer caused by Tmpel.

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The most dangers mouth cancer

By:Tahani al-Sabri

Altmpel  is a green leaf, where the citizen ignore its impact on their health and psychological and more dangers than Qat.  The cheap price of Altmpel led to spread it widely in Sana’a specifically Hale, altahreer squre, alzomor and alhasaba streets. The most painful is the increase of young people consumer of this leaf , which they are between 17-26 years old and elder men, which they are few.  The aim of eating such tree is to spend their leisure time and satisfy their psychological desires and forget the worries of the world as they describe.

“I do not want to remember what happened on that day”   This is what Ibrahim said , who does not finish his 15 years old. the  first time I chew  Altmpel  was with my friends group, who are addicts on altmpel , when  we decided  celebrate on my  success. After we sat in buffet to drink orange juice and eating a sandwich. one of my friends asked me to taste one of the leaf   as a form of entertainment. After a few moments of eating , I felt dizzy and pain in my stomach and vomiting, which force my  friends to take me to the hospital and since that day I do not  chew Altmpel again and I become upset if someone remind me by that day.

On the contrary,  Abdulrahman’s is 22  years old  which   describes it as one of the best moments, he can’t  live without it  and considers himself a sublime in taken it instead Qat and sniffs . he added  Altmpel leaf had good smell and look nice and cheap.

Abdulrahman chews Altmpel daily with a group of his friends who sit for study, Half of college day needs to stimulant substance to help them focus and they do not   like chewing Qat and consider Altmpel is the alternative   best to spend hours long serious studying.

Rana and her friends have their special ritual to eat Altmpel in  Qat session. This event should be prepared in   warm, tidy  and evaporator place and for more interest we bring  hookahs to create a suitable atmosphere for Qat session . I always ask  my husband to bring mixture tompel” Areca”.  

Dangerous Components

the current Altmpel is contain  sugar , coconut  and kef or kat, while Alzerdh contains a noorah and Altmbak. Tompel is a green leaf that’s similar Qat’s leaf added to other components as requested by the consumer. Alzerdh is considered stronger kind of  tompel  reach its impact on quality about one hour, which makes its consumer continue to buy  it for the purpose to feel happy and satisfied.

Altmpel leaves come from India and stored in sellers private refrigerators .

there is another type of Altmpel .which called  ” Hadrami Temple ” but  it’s not as much popular of  Indian tmpel, that’s why Many consumer buy Indian Altmpel for its quality as they claim and material ” kat or Kef ” which make it red color  and  throw from the mouth in the streets and public offices and here is another problem.

Mohammed Connie is a tmpel seller worked at al-tahreer street in Sana’a,whom had  work in   this area many years ago. He said:” tmpel preparation did not changed by  itself as well as the method of preparation.

Many doctors warn young people on the community and consider it  as carcinogens , which cause gums cancer and other serious diseases.

 Dr Adnan al-Amrani, dentist worked in Sana’a University talked about the phenomenon and the harm done said:”The damage resulting from eating «Altmpel» as well as khat ,many of the consumer  spent long time in chew altemple ,that leads to erosion of the outer layer of the teeth and the possible to have  pockets periodontal and after the time of the absorption around the teeth at  the finally to  lose it.

The most serious is the unrest in temporomandibular joint «facial» which in some cases lead to difficultly in opening the mouth and not to control the facial muscles to open and close the mouth.

He added:” When they mixed tmpel and  tobacco, the consumer infected by white spots and if the person did not give up, this bad stuff leads to facial and jaw  cancers which is one of the most dangerous cancers in the human body.

Nasr Abdul Nabi, Master of Sociology Faculty of Arts, Aden University, added the bad companionship and poor compliance with the moral values and the spread of the values of social disintegration and lack of awareness of cultural reasons are related to these lesions as well as the exploitation of non-leisure time in useful things, these lesions leads to weak the young people and the impact on productivity energies within the community.

Abdul Nabi confirms:” we must raise social awareness through the process of socialization, and community awareness through the media about the risks of these pests and increase the health culture of the community and to encourage the take-off for these pests through good example in the community. 

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