I Have a Big Dream

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Mohammed Al-Adlani

By/ Mohammed Al-Adlani

An Access Student at AMIDEAST –Sana’a                                                                                      aladlanim@yahoo.com

It is very important that every person has a dream or a future goal, otherwise life is meaningless. A goal is defined as “a desired result a person plans and commits to achieve a personal desired end-point”. Some people pursue simpler dreams, and would like to be doctors, teachers, pilots, engineers, and so on. Others have no idea what they want to be. I have a big dream. I would like to be a local council member. I am so interested to serve at the public service. The reason why I made this decision as to be a local council member is long, but I will try to keep it brief.

In September 2011, I visited my father’s village along with my elder brother. The village sits on a mountainous hill is in a remote part of Hajjah governorate. It is approximately 3 hours from Hajjah city. The road to the village is unpaved and rugged, and we had to pass through mountains and valleys before we arrived. I woke up in the village to the sound of birds singing. Some people were working in the agricultural terraces. I went along with my uncle to roam in the fields. Villagers live off crops such as sorghum, wheat, and livestock. They raise goats, sheep, and hens. Life in village is tranquil and simple. You cannot hear the noise of city in the village. Even the air is very fresh. I enjoyed it very much.

However, although it can be pleasant, life is still difficult. Basic services such as education, health care, and water are not sufficient. While in the terraces, I found a ten-years old child working in the field. I asked him about his study grade, and was surprised when he replied that he doesn’t go to school. He told me that he goes to help his father. Sometimes, he takes care of the cattle. I also saw a girl carrying a tank of water on her head. She along with her peers go every day to bring water, and they have to travel about 2 kilometers in total. These circumstances saddened me greatly.

I was awake for that entire night. I thought about what I saw of hardships the villagers face. I kept asking myself “where’s the local council? What’s their role? Why don’t they provide those needed services to the poor villagers?” Soon, I realized that the local council is inactive.

I think that there should be active members to follow up on important issues. I have decided to become a local council member in the future so I can represent those poor villagers. I would like to serve my country starting from the village.

There are many obstacles I have to face before achieving my goal. I am still under the legal age for being nominated as a local council member. I also have to complete my current Access study at AMIDEAST, since I need to be proficient in English.

Afterwards, I will apply for the Youth Exchange  Studies program to get international experience in theUnited States. When I return, I will complete my high school, and try to apply for a Bachelor degree study abroad. I believe that studying Public Administration or Development is the best choice, because I have to qualify myself before engaging in local council. I should also learn about local communities in depth.

These steps may be difficult, but they will allow me to serve my local community in an effective way. I encourage everyone to have big dreams like me, because they are necessary in order for us to build a betterYemen.

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