Al-Qaida Apology is Disappointing


By Fakhri al-Arashi

Oh, victims of al-Ourdi Hospital. Did you hear the news, down here on Earth? Today, we have come to know that your killer, al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, regrets and apologizes for their mistake. Would you care to accept their apology in Heaven? Would you accept the barbaric way they humiliated you? You weren’t the target, and they are so sorry for your death. They are even ready to pay your families back, if they would accept the pay of blood money.

These were the simple words of al-Qaida Commander Qassim al-Rimi, who appeared in a YouTube video narrating his group’s shameful crime, and also happened to reveal the battle’s main planner. It is unacceptable, and unforgivable, particularly as it has been touted as under the banner of jihad. What is the difference between the drone mistakes, and al-Qaida’s apology? Both require no respect for the basic rules of humanity, both in freedom, and the value of life.

Drones have killed hundreds of Yemenis, from the far mountains, to roads and cafes, and are excused by the justification of fighting al-Qaida, and terrorism in Yemen. And yet, these are the same excuses made by al-Qaida when it attacks military soldiers, government facilities, and politicians for the sake of fighting the United States and its interests both in Yemen, and the wider region.

Through the ugly, horrifying video of the events of al-Ourdi, no one will sympathize with the al-Qaida affiliate, or its mission of committing war in the name of establishing Shari’a, which they have nothing to do with, along with Islam. Islam is not about killing, and those who act in the name of Islam only represent themselves, or the implementation of political agendas that favor changing society in the wrong way.

Peace be upon the martyrs of the drone strikes, and also the victims of al-Qaida. Victory for the country and people of Yemen! I have nothing much else to say to comment on such crimes, but I find the crimes to be heart-wrenching, and feel very badly for the victims of al-Ourdi Hospital. They were killed in cold blood.

And now they have received an apology that will never finds its way to the hearts, and the minds, of the victim’s families.