Contractor unions reposition demands

National Yemen

Side of the business contractors press conference

By Tahani al-Sabri

The Yemeni Contractors Union has appealed for Financial Minister Sakher al-Wajeeh to release late contractor duties on the Financial Ministry, which are worth an estimated 45 billion riyals.

Union head Yahya Saleh Aldhaniani demanded that the government release the late allocations immediately, otherwise, it will take further action.

Aldhaniani said that they would start with a strike, followed by a protest, and then a blockage of project implementation. He also said that the union would address donors directly, as well as appealing to judiciary bodies.

“The prevention of Ministry of Finance to pay the contractors and consultants dues, will have an impact in creating an economic disaster. It threatens development, as the construction sector is a the basis of building and development.

The construction sector in Yemenis going through a real crisis may destroy it, and as a result, more than one million citizens will be affected  directly and indirectly manner.”

He emphasized the necessity of the government to deliver on its responsibilities towards the contractor sector. Aldhani also stated that the union’s plans to accommodate Yemeni workers who were expelled fromSaudi Arabiaare also on hold as a result of the crisis.

The press conference was attended by a number of members of the executive body of the Contractors Union, a number of contractors, as well as various representatives from Yemeni media. It followed a large protest in front of the Ministry of Finance, which could not be reached for comment, in which the union was joined by other trade organizations.