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Dr. Yassin: There is no “new system” but rather than a transitional period for its drafting

National Yemen

Dr. Yasin Saeed Noman

By: NY staff

Dr. Yassin Saeed Noman, the General Secretary of the Yemeni Socialist Party and the Vice-President of the National Dialogue Conference, has spoken at length about assassination attempts against him, and expected progress fromYemen’s transitional period, during an interview on al-Mayaideen Channel.

Noman said that last week’s assassination attempt was tightly planned, and came as part of a plan to spread chaos and problems in the country. He also discussed issues of national unity, including this month’s attacks at the Ministry of Defense, and the ongoing crisis in Dammaj.

“All indications point to the assassination having been planned tightly, whether in regards to the professionalism of the sniper, or the place he has chosen to fired from, which was overlooking the house.” He explained that investigations are taking place to find out who was behind the attempt.

He maintained that he will not accuse anyone until the end of the investigation, but he expressed his astonishment at the level of speculation, which has published by Yemen Today and also on social networking sites. Noman stressed that the investigation should be allowed to take place.

Yassin was also critical about the government’s handling of the Ministry of Defense attacks, saying saying that there should be a serious investigation on the crimes which took place.  He considers the first draft of investigation to only be an achievement in narrative, rather than concrete progress. He had similar comments about Dammaj.

“The Dammaj problem is political, and made by the former system, which tried to make Sa’ada the central of confrontations.”

Overall, Yassin added, there is no new system in the country, since Yemen is in a transitional stage for the formulation of a new system. He warned that as this new system is being built, Yemenis must resist powerful parties who are acting against it, spreading chaos and targeting the military in order to achieve their goals.