Fourth round of national polio immunization launches in all provinces.

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National polio immunization launches in Yemen

By: Tahani al-Sabri

Dr. Ahmed Qasim Al-Ansi, the Minister of Public Health and Population with Mohammad al-Sourmi, first agent of Sana’a Secretariat, launched the fourth round of the national campaign to immunize against of poliomyelitis at Sana’a’s al-Thawra Health Center on December 16th.

The campaign has been organized by the Ministry of Public Health and Population in cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund, the World Health Organization, and the American Agency for International Development over the course of three days. It aims to vaccinate about 4.8 million children under five years of age.

The Minister of Public Health has assured that the campaign will prevent the return of the polio virus toYemenin light of its resurgence in some countries.Yemenhas been free of polio since 2006.

The campaign has targeted 578 220 children so far. 243 teams of workers were stationary and 2 098 were mobile. The numbers of targeted houses was 327 533.

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  • Polio is one of the most preventable of all nasty diseases. Please encourage vaccination.
    I was infected as was my father and many others during the plague of the late 1940's and early 50's. I was lucky; many others of my age were not. Some still alive are living in Iron Lung machines; others managed to live outside the machines but with many disabilities — a horrible life and today, easily avoidable with the vaccination. BK.