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Hadramout’s Markets Restart their Business

National Yemen

Ghail Ba Wazir in Hadhramout

By National Yemen Staff

After two days of popular rebellion, marketplaces have once again opened in Hadramout province. Sayoun and al-Mukalla cities have reopened their markets in a move towards resuming normalcy.

On Friday, Qat markets were targeted by populist groups, resulting in one death, and two wounded. There were also attempts to disrupt supply routes for Qat markets, however, these were ineffective.

Other acts of sabotage also occurred in al-Mukalla, which were driven by supporters of the Southern Movement (Hirak). Security services in Hadramaout said that they have managed  to control the unrest with the support of the citizens.

Eight people were wounded in Shabwa, including a child, and civilians were caught in violent clashes between police and gunmen linked to former vice-president Ali Salem al-Beidh, in Ataq. Other clashes between police and gunmen linked to Hirak in al-Dhala’a during an attempt to storm the Central Bank ofYemenbranch.

Sources told National Yemen that elders were able to stop the clashes and freed soldiers arrested by gunmen, while police arrested two members of Hirak, and seized two cars belonging to the group.

Local residents say that the situation in Ataq is relatively calming, adding that security forces and popular committees protect and control various interests in Shabwa.

Medical sources have also said that a Southern activist died inAden, due to wounds he suffered from a shootout when Hirak attacked a police station in the city.

Sheikh bin Habrash and five tribesman were killed in clashes on December 2nd, when the Sheikh’s bodyguards refused to surrender their weapons at a checkpoint, leading to clashes which also killed two soldiers.

The killing led to a call for a popular organizing, as well as protests and general upheaval. Analysts believe that the call for total rebellion failed, and did not achieve its goals, but there will be long term effects of these actions.

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