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Hayel Saeed: To be our first Martyr better than paying for Kidnappers

National Yemen

Tribes approach . Abdulwase Hayel Saeed Anam’s house to condemn the shame of kidnapping

By National Yemen 

Mr. Abdulwase Hayel Saeed Anam, the well Reputable Yemeni business man has said that the main reason for the kidnapping of their son, twenty-year old business Mohammed Moneer Hayel, is financial blackmail, with the gang was asking for 500 million as a ransom. He resisted the demand, which did not prevent his Nephew from being returned to him.

“We refused to pay anything to the abductors and we preferred our son to be a martyr that giving them money because of we did, that means, we are encouraging kidnapping,” Abdulwase said.

Mohamed was kidnapped on November 19 by gunmen, though he was returned to his family on December 16. Sheikh Nasser al-Gardai said that the Murad criminals were advised to release Mohamed and return him to his family without a ransom payment.

“Mohammed came back to his family without a ransom payment to the criminals. If they refused to submit him to us, we would ready to face them and get rid of them.”

He also condemned the kidnapping, noting that the tribe has since disowned the gang members. Tribal men were gathered in cerebration of the Mohammed’s released last week at the official residence of Mr. Abdulwase. The head tribes of Murad condemn the kidnapping and they apologised for such unacceptable action by the tribe customs and they consider it a very shameful.