New step to developing tourism in Yemen

National Yemen

Travel and Tourism syndicate launched

Asma al-Mohattwari

Searching for justice, equal opportunities and to stay away from partisanship and exclusion led the agencies and offices of travel, tourism, Hajj and Umrah to establish a general syndicate to defend their rights and avoid the abuses they are facing.

On December 26, in Sana’a, a ceremony was held to declare the General Syndicate Agencies and offices of travel, tourism, Hajj and Umrah in the presence of a number of officials in Sana’a, ministries, transport and tourism.

At the ceremony, Abdurrahman al-Haidari, head of the Preparatory Committee noted that the declaration aimed to promote the tourism sector, develop it, and remove any obstacles faced by agencies and tourist offices.

In her part, Fatima Horaiby, Executive Director of the Tourism Promotion Board, said that the syndicate is a group of agencies that felt that the Yemeni Tourism Union cannot serve them, as the syndicate will be specific and limited for the agencies.

Mohammed al-Sunini, Ministry of Tourism undersecretary, pointed out to the need to activate a real partnership between the public and private sectors to develop and promote the tourism sector.

Al-Sunini emphasized that tourism in Yemen is facing many challenges, such as, security problems, a low level of tourist services, a lack of qualified staff because of few institutes and training centers, in addition to the low of tourism awareness.

“Our country has a standard of tourism that is high but it has not been exploited to this day as a result of the mistakes of previous years.”

Yemen has the potential in tourism in many places, however it continues to stagnate as the result of many issues.