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Socotra rejoices after years of marginalization

National Yemen

Socotra Island

By Amin Darham

Despite their pain and difficulties, the smiles don’t leave their faces. Today, happiness and optimism continues to fillSocotra, including its people’s faces and eyes. They hope that their new provincial status will end decades of marginalization.

It was a dream come true when Socotra becameYemen’s twenty-second province by decree of president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi. They hope that they can seek development and opportunity as a result, while maintaining its scenic beauty.

Socotrahas lived under the colonization of central rule for many years, which contributing to obstructing its people’s ambitious plans to turn it into one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world. It also had a shaky administrative structure, being handed off between separate governorates in various failed attempts.

President Hadi visitedSocotraduring Eid al-Adha, and spoke to Socotris about the need for various levels of improvement, such as water, electricity, health, education, and environmental conservation. Businessmen also expressed their interest in charity and investment projects.

However, these decisions cannot be effective without a skilled governor, who is highly qualified, efficient, does not belong to any party, and is preferably Socotri. It has also been suggested that they appoint two agents, for Administrative and Financial Affairs, as well as Environmental Affairs and Planning.

Various advisory bodies have also been proposed to ensure thatSocotra’s best interests are pursued, such as rehabilitating its damaged ecology, ensuring that it remains clean, and central planning of all development. The latter is especially important considering that foreign buyers, especially from the Gulf, may pursue development on the scale ofMoonIsland, or Sharm el-Sheikh.Socotraalso requires communications infrastructure, such as FM radio, and mobile telephone networks.

The new governor must reflect the will of the Socotri people, and also the political will to improveSocotrawithout the assistance of international bodies. The island should be tended to out of love for the homeland.