The Fogginess of 2013, bring less hope for 2014


By Fakhri al-Arashi

Most of the time, business groups measure their next year profit on the account of the closing budget of the past year. Politicians have made this picture terrible through illegal profits, especially in cases like Yemen where competition is designed to make things worse. This is a quick brief description of a closing year 2013, which welcomes the New Year with less hope for better results.

Unfortunately, the enemy of Yemen is not widely recognized, though he could be well-known at the same time. The conflict of interests in Yemen have brought all to the surface of responsibility, simply because none is willing to quiet evil works for the sake of protecting the community’s long heritage, wealth, religion, unity and especially southern autonomy. 

The year 2013 is a year to be remembered for the modern history of Yemen, where more harm was  done than good and the political players were greedy enough to have their demands happen before any really change exists. This is politics that never serve civilians. People in North and South will not see their dreams come true because people are paid to spoil change at every turn.

Aggressive attacks on infrastructure which includes power plants, cables, telecom network, oil pipelines, tourism industry , investment and so on, will never recover at the same rate that it was destroyed, in mere seconds. To rebuild the community, mutual respect that has to be created between citizens that need a new generation to skip the past and give an eye into the future. 

This is not happening very soon in Yemen and that is why I can greet 2014 with pessimism, based on the final reports of 2013. I may be negative, but it’s something that no one likes to see in a country that people has no single right to decide their way. 

Let us remember a Yemeni proverb that says, “going back forward is hard, but it can be, if the poet wants it to be.”