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Three hundred and four students win a high scholarship

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Fresh Graduated Students from private schools

By NY Staff

In a press conference, the Higher Education Ministry and Scientific Research announced the winners of scholarships given by the government. Three hundred and four students have won from 1861 competitors from different governorates and outside the country. According to the names of the winners that have been announced, males have gotten 271 seats by 89% while females have got 33 seats by 11%. The students will be given admission to universities in Sana’a and Aden. 

During the press conference, the Higher Education Minister and Scientific Research Hisham Sharaf said that the announced results won’t change, and emphasized that the exams were in high levels of transparency and integrity in all their stages.  

Sharaf called on donor countries to support higher education in Yemen for sending more Yemeni students to study abroad.

“The Proficiency and Differentiation exam is a new step taken by ministry to arrange the sending process and to choose the best on order to eliminate indiscriminate nepotism, and mediation.”

Sharaf emphasized the keenness of the ministry to apply the step of Proficiency and differentiation exam for all the applicants during the next phase, which is based in cultural exchange among students.