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Yemeni woman converts to Christianity in protest

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Hospital Ambulances in al-Ourdi picks up died bodies

By NY Staff

A Yemeni woman in her twenties has allegedly converted Christianity to protest against al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The woman who lives in Hodeida province in Ba-Jel refused to retract her decision in order to be released from criminal investigation.

During the investigation, she said that she converted Christianity not because Islam is dissatisfactory, but because Islam’s enemies started to use terrorism attacks under the umbrella of Islam to distort it it.

“A great example is al-Ordi incident where more than 200 people were victims and the crime was adopted by al-Qaeda. I decided to convert to Christianity after al-Qaeda’s justification about the crime and by this they insult Yemenis. I read about Christianity and found it to be a religion of peace,” she explained. Al-Qaeda apologized for  the crime and claimed that the killing was mistakenly implemented by some of its members.

National Yemen could not verify this story fully, however it found the news story being circulated heavily by GPS, al-Hirak and many other Yemeni Arabic websites. A female photojournalist working in Hodeidah denied the validity of this story.

Al-Qaeda in Yemen issued tweets that they adopted the suicide attack in December 9 in Defense ministry, “al-Qaeda had targeted a store containing rooms to control drones and a number of American experts,” a statement of al-Qaeda said.

Yemeni sources that belong to religious parties, in an attempt to mislead the Yemeni public and international opinion, accused military leaders in the Yemeni army with complicity in facilitating the double attack that targeted Defense Ministry of in Sana’a, which left at least 52 dead, most of them doctors and nurses, and about 167 wounded.

Al-Qaeda apologized about the crime and the killing that was implemented by some of its members. Qasim al-Rimi, military official of al- Qaeda said “We admitted an error and guilt and we offer our apologies and condolences to the families of the victims”.

He also said that they directed their members no to storm the hospital, but one of them did not pay attention to that.”Oh God, we are innocent of what was made by our brothers for we didn’t ordered them to do so and we didn’t accept what he has done,” he added.

The video that was showed in the Yemeni channels showed clearly gunmen kill doctors and nurses; in addition to that a gunman threw a grenade to the patient and killed one of the doctors as she was trying to help one of the injured.