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Special security forces have implemented more than 121 thousand security tasks in 2013

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By NY Staff

The leaders of special security forces said that they have implemented more than 121 thousand security tasks in 2013. These tasks were for achieving the security, stability, and protection of civil peace and public tranquility.

They explained to the Security Media center that from these tasks, there were 8889 tasks to control the illegal weapons, and motorcycles inside the city, as well as the cars wanted by security. 6246 tasks were for conferences and celebrations, 5063 tasks were for insurance manshaet, 4099 tasks were for cities, 5063 tasks were for the treasury,  2995 tasks were for public works works, 2000 tasks were for the delegations and diplomatic bodies, and 267 tasks were for roads. In addition, within the implemented tasks, there were 512 humanitarian tasks and 484 tasks for special occasions, while the other tasks distributed in other security issues.

The leaders of Special security forces added that they did a great job during the year 2013; although they also lost 79 martyrs and 325 wounded.The newspaper has information, which emphasized that, the conflict between the national and the political security devices reached its height recently after Political Security cut the monitoring devices in the phones use by National Security.

This conflict happened after the accident of al-Aourdi hospital in Sana’a four weeks ago. Some observers said that there are senior leaders involved in this accident by offering logistical facilities to implement the attack. Others said that the process of cutting the monitoring devices over National security by Political Security might relate to some calls that help to reveal some involved in the attack.

In a press statement, the security committee in Aden revealed the details of the suicide attack that targeted the security management. The attack caused seven wounded and destroyed the front of he building of the management and some cars, according to the Yemeni news agency Saba.

Professor of Political Science in Qatar University, Mohammed Saleh al-Musfer said that political parties in Yemen care only on their interests, they don’t care on building a strong homeland.  Al-Musfer explained that turning Yemen form the unity to the Federation will increase the weakness of Yemen, because the economic, scientific, and social development isn’t the aim of these political parties which look only for their interests.