H.S.A Group Partners With British Company to Implement Electric Projec

Taher Hezam

Yemeni company teamed up with a British company that specialized in implementing electrical projects to study the implementation of the largest electric project on the world level in Yemen.

Sources in Hail Saeed Anam Group (HSAG), the largest company in Yemen, said that there is a study made by Yemeni company in partnership with the British company to implement the largest project in the world to generate electricity from tides and marine currents in Alexander, Mion and Prem straits in Bab el Mandeb straits off between Yemen’s coast and Mion island.

Studies pointed out that there is an amount of electrical energy of fifty thousand MW in Bab el Mandeb strait, where the amount of energy in the first phase estimated: 100 terpenes × 26 MB = 2600 Mega.  Within five years the production in each year can be 20 terpenes × 26 MB = 520 MB and can be accessed more and entered the Yemeni electrical grid.

The site power plant (hydro) is far away from Bab el Mandeb about 10 km from the international fairway that will not affect the navigation Bab el Mandeb.  According to the study, the sea dam project has cost $ 2.5 billion. Its length is about 8 kilometers, 50 meters width, 24 meters a depth below the surface of the water and six meters above the water surface. In comparing to international projects in the field of generating electricity by dams way, it is the largest marine project and unique of its kind in the world.

Two companies are working in the projects: NATKO Company representing H.S.A and ITB representing the British company.

Earlier, Yemeni sea captain AbdulRaqeep al- Majidi revealed that he is the patent holder and own the rights for the project. He said that the next step in the project are to complete the survey sea in place, take the measurements in the sea dam area for three months as requested by the British company to evaluate the maximum capacity of the project, and also to make the entire project’s graphics and designs.

In addition, al- Majidi  said the production in region should be developed and made a partnership with the state, local investors and international companies, as well as, taking the franchise and the necessary approvals from the government and the establishment of a holding company for the project.

“If the project is agreed upon the production will begin in the next year within the beginning of the work on the project and it will generate 2600 Mega as a first stage of electric power” he added.