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Interior Ministry warns of using fireworks on the prophet birthday celebration

A high ranking official at the Interior ministry warns all the citizens in the capital secretaries in Sana’a and the rest of the governorates in Yemen to avoid using or playing with fireworks, burning tires on the celebration of the prophet Mohammed’s Birthday (peace be up on him).

The ministry official calls on all the citizens to respect the law for their safety and the  safety of others as well. “Many die because of the misuse of returned plots,” said a security source. The security of the people and the environment protection is very essential as some of these celebrations cause pollution and distribute others.

While the ministry sends the messages of threat preparation for today’s ceremony, people in Sa’ada reply back with beginning the festivities of lighting massive fireworks. Al-Massaira channel broadcasted the heavy fireworks used to welcome the prophet Mohammed’s birthday last night, a celebration where some feel that there should be no limits considering he is the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).

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