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UNHCR Organizes the National Ceremony for Inaugurated African Refugees in Sana’a

Sana’a / Bushra al-Amiri:

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Yemen evening organize  a concert on the occasion of the conclusion of the elections for the local councils, community of Somali refugees and Ethiopians and Eritrea’s who are in the capital, Sana’a, which was organized recently in collaboration with the international relief and development today on local councils.

In private press statement stressed social services official in the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Samuel Kironqa that this swishing comes at the dedication of the work of local councils that represent the Somali and Ethiopian refugees and Eritrean and start the work of the councils that were elected last December in accordance with the terms and conditions of international and all democratic. He added that the democratically elected councils will serve the refugees and their representation in front of the Yemeni authorities, agencies, international and local organizations. Also, they will work to solve their problems and meet their needs as far as possible.

The coordinator of international relief and development Mohammed Adam said the elections were held in a democratic and transparent that the protection has been provided to enable refugees to rearrange their priorities so that they are active in the community.

He pointed out that the percentage of women’s participation in these boards up to 30% as the number of council members from Somalia 15 members out of 93 candidates, including five women and three members of Ethiopians and six members of the males out of 39 candidate and a member of one Eritrean female and four members of the males. They represent the largest part of the refugees, especially the residents in Sana’a, so Adam expects to convey the unique experience of these refugees to their home countries in case they return to it.