Celebrating A New Era !

By Fakhri al-Arashi

The wrong visions of the wicked ones has failed to stop today’s celebration of the National Dialogues success. Today, January 25th, 2014, we will reflect on the interest of the people in Yemen who are keen to see the long awaiting change of the age of the modem political transition.

Between the official opening and the conclusion of the NDC, it is a great journey full of challenges and conspiracies aimed to pull the country back for the favor of keeping the select few interests continuing as is. It’s a kind truth that the start of the NDC sessions was a case of passing time for many partisan members who joined to prove this party’s goodwill for building the new Yemen that they very much appreciate and deserve.

Today’s victory was not an easy one and the fees of today’s official ceremony came with an expected cost. The loss of good ones through assassinations, kidnaping and etc.; including different attacks for the country’s infrastructure and resources.

How lovely it is to see our international community truing their eyes on Yemen’s success through a unique experience that failed in some other Arab countries. Despite of the immense amount of weapons spread all over the country, the cases of individuals assignations were designed to mix the political papers. The international community are here today to continue their support for our transition and the willingness of the majority who are struggling to see the brighter side that is in our near future.

Ten months have passed and an end to deliver the new United Yemen, a new democracy that many are looking forward for. Yemen remains within the same land but at a different shape and better organized. United Yemen can manage its resources and guarantee equal distribution of wealth and power. People might not see it very soon, but with change we see only new opportunities and a livelier future.

The mile stone for a better tomorrow is blessed by today’s international presence who are absolutely satisfied with the final results made by the NDC members and the country in general.