Political Analysis

NDC Amid the Atmosphere of Assassinations

By Tamjid Alkohali

The assassination operations increased significantly in Yemen since the beginning of the national dialogue conference, especially those assassinations which target officers in the army, intelligence services, and air forces in several Yemeni provinces. Until now, the defendants of these assassinations are unknown.

According to government statistics, the approximate number of assassinated people from the army and security, government officials and politicians including 316 soldiers, 75 officers.

The reasons for these assassinations differ from political activists to analysts and officials.

In an interview with some prominent figures in the NDC, they explained their point of view about the reasons of these assassinations, starting with the Chairman of security and military team Yahya al-Shami who said  “No doubt that the opposition forces to build Yemen and to resolve all the political, economic, and social problems in the homeland are a lot.”  Therefore, the assassination operations that target the military and security leaders increased in order to put more obstacles in the way of completing the Stage of peaceful political transition of power, especially what relate to NDC because these forces disturb them the Successes that achieved and are still achieving by NDC.”

Al-Shami believes that they targeted officers from south and north as well. The forces that targeted the officers and soldiers don’t care from where they are, because they target the homeland and its achievements or may they look forward to get rid of some security leaders in order to bring others instead of them. “It is worth to be mentioned, all these plans became clear to the military leaders, so they work to fail them by organizing the armed forces units.” He added.

Al-Shami spoke about their job in the Security and army team in NDC, explaining that the team discussed the foundations building of the army and intelligence and then they put for these foundations constitutional and legal determinants, after they suggested some solutions to overcome the current situation as well as they put some recommendations. “Now the team will work to apply these results in reality.” he added.

In addition, Sadiq al-Gabr a member of the Saada issue sees that the assassinations is a natural result especially in this period of the NDC, because of government’s failure to reduce these assassinations.

“The aim of these assassinations is to get rid of the influential personalities who do their best to build democratic civil state such as, Ahmed Sharaf al-Din, Abdul Karim Jadaban and some officers. So, killing those people is a killing for the homeland in general.” al-Gabr added.

Al-Gabr emphasized that there are internal and external forces who are looking to find a place to put their foot in order to strengthen their grip and then gain control on the people and power as what happened in most regimes.

Al-Gabr pointed out that the issue of lawlessness should be put on all the state institutions, not only the NDC. Also the responsibility of these assassinations are Interior Ministry, security agencies, and president Hadi at the top.

 Series of assassinations don’t end until now. The NDC concludes its meetings by killing the Pro. Ahmed Sharaf al-Din, who is a member of the NDC on Tuesday of this month.   Although there are many reasons for these assassinations, losing the right of someone’s life does not allow us to accept any reason.