Let Democracy Resolve Disputes and Leave Guns Solution

Majed AL-Dhelee

Historically, Yemenis are known as people of wisdom, and this fact has been mentioned and approved by our prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Here I am not going to mention our antecedent’s achievements because all Yemenis know that, and most people who have historical background also know that.

Now, many questions come to mind; what happened to the people of wisdom, why are they killing each other in the North, South, East, and conflict is approximately spreading around my lovely country. Assassinations over our whole country included: academics, army officers, social, religious and tribal figures; the scene predicts more violence.

Many Yemeni’s and I expatriate, academics, engineering’s, experts in different fields, traders, workers, and so on, whether in Korea or any other developed, emerging, and developing countries aim to go back to Yemen as soon as possible in order to contribute in building our lovely country. We all hope that national leaders, military generals, academics, religious, and tribe leaders, the big traders, and all decisions makers will contribute significantly to ending the current conflicts and to avoid Yemen from a civil war. We are sure that all warring factions are loving Yemen and want to see it come out to safety, but the difference in views and not arbitration mind is why we are suffering from conflict now.

This is a message to wise Yemeni’s, please contribute effectively to bring Yemen out of its crisis and leave your differences, disputes, and all views which do not save Yemen, and work as one hand for establishing a democracy and deliver it as the ideal solution for the adjudication of disputes. Guns solution and using power will not serve any party and at the end all parties will lose. Developed countries have used a democracy as a deadly weapon for the separation of disputes between all liabilities, and paid all of them to make their rivalries in one way which is to build a united nations enjoying peace, freedom and security for all people.

Finally, brothers, fathers, mothers and sisters from all Yemeni factions, think for the future of Yemen, and let’s start re-building Yemen of happiness, forget the past, forget our differences, leave special interests, leave the beliefs that drive to dominant and the exclusion of others and start a new page of a new Yemen. A country that will prosper no matter what the case.

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