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NDC Ended Its Sessions with a New Assassination

Asma al-Mohattwari

Terrorists and their cells still are very active in Yemen implementing assassinations in different regions and reap the lives of Yemenis in cold blood. On Tuesday, January 21, another Yemeni victim assassinated, Dr. Ahmed Sharaf al-Din, National Dialogue Conference (NDC) member, was the candidate for membership in the drafting of the new constitution committee for his experience in this field.

Sharaf al-Din was shot to death while he was on his way to the NDC. The gunmen surrounded Sharaf al-Din’s car and shot him in his face leaving him dead. One day before his assassination, Sharaf al-Din refused to sign the document which guaranteed the implementation of the NDC outputs.

Dr.  Abdualmalik al-Mikhlafi, NDC member, said that Sharaf al-Din called him before his death and told him that he was on his way to sign. On the other hand, Ali al-Bukhaity, the spokesman of the Houthis in the NDC denied this and emphasized that Sharaf al-Din did not agree to sign that document. Houthis component withdrew from the NDC.

It was not the first assassination that targeted Houthis in the NDC. In November 22 Dr. Abdul Karim Jedban, member of the Yemeni parliament and a member of the National Dialogue representing the Houthi group also was assassinated by an unknown gunman and till now government could not find was responsible for all these crimes.

NDC ended its sessions with joy mixed with sadness for the passing of Dr. Sharaf al-Din. The NDC finally had an end living more that 400 assassinations in the memory of Yemen history. People assassinated from different fields such as army and security, government officials and politicians. The number included 316 soldiers, 75 officers, 9 government officials and politicians. Terrorist attacks targeted them in different provinces around Yemen, the most being in Hadramout, Shabwa, al-Baydha, Sana’a and Abyan. Motorcycles were used in 22% of the attacks.