The Dialogue Outputs Support for the Improvement of the Level of Health in Yemen

By NY Staff

Yemen is classified as among the least developed countries, so the citizens are facing many troubles because of the lack of financial resources and scarce budget .40% of the state budget goes to salaries and the ability of state to cover the cost citizen is very few, so the state cannot provide good services as required. Constitution stipulates that the education and health would be free, but the state cannot provide that. However, the health sector representing less than 10% of the state budget; therefore, the state cannot build hospitals everywhere, wherefore they build health centers, which cost less. Also the health services in Yemen are limited and the low-income people are affected a great deal because of the weak services, so they do not have the possibility to pay for treatment. To add, widespread corruption and the latest statistics ranked Yemen #178 of countries full of corruption.

In addition, the government doesn’t encourage and support the medical cadre Yemenis and abandoned many good doctors to neighboring countries because of the bad salaries given to the Yemeni doctors, thus Yemen suffers from a lack of talented doctors. The lack of health control especially in pharmacies to use and sell drugs also the facilities to buy the medicine without prescriptions from the doctors. In Yemen the government does not care of the countries health because the health itself in Yemen has become a trade.

The Ministry of Public Health and Population in Sana’a approved the closing of seven hospitals in Sana’a among 64 hospitals because of the lack of service for medical standards and technical medical facilities.

The National Dialogue Conference focuses on the need to obtain a Yemeni citizen the right to the provision of health services whether in the city or in the countryside, especially in the field of maternal and child incurable diseases such as (cancer) and the NDC confirmed the importance of development on the healthy side and the attention of the doctors and control over the manufactured imported drugs and dissemination of health awareness and activation of comprehensive health awareness among citizens.

It includes that they fight the diseases and take care of the epidemic diseases that spread in most provinces in certain seasons of the year. Also, they emphasize the importance of the health insurance for all employees whether in the government or private sector. The state ensures the protection of women and the provision of health care services free.

Muhammad al-Asadi, director of communication and information for the National Dialogue Conference calls people to discuss the national dialogue outputs and the importance to raise public awareness and its relationship to the harmonic national project.