Ireland shows concernes on Yemen women and children situation

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Yemeni Women’s at National Conference

During the 18th UPR  meeting, the Ireland officials welcomed the  participation of Yemen delegation and the positive developments since the first UPR cycle, including the recent conclusion of the National Dialogue Conference with agreement on a document on which the new Constitution will be based. 

Ireland is concerned by the situation of women and children in Yemen, including the
existence of the death penalty for juveniles.
While welcoming the decline in the mortality rates of children under five, we nonetheless
remain concerned at reports that nearly one million children under five suffer from severe
malnutrition and that stunting remains a critical problem. Accordingly, Ireland recommends
that Yemen adopt a comprehensive strategy which is grounded in human rights principles, in
particular non-discrimination and equality, to combat malnutrition and further reduce the
mortality rates of children under five.
Ireland is concerned that a minimum age for marriage has not been set, despite Yemen’s
acceptance of a UPR recommendation to increase the age of marriage to 18. We note the
reports that child marriage is a major factor in malnutrition, and also a root cause of illiteracy
amongst Yemeni women. Early marriage also often results in early childbearing which can
have serious physical and psychological consequences. Ireland recommends that Yemen
adopt and implement legislation setting the minimum age of marriage at 18 years, as
recommended by the National Dialogue Conference, and raise awareness of the negative
effects of child marriage.