“Behind the Darkness of Her Eyes” New Poetry Collection

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“Behind the Darkness of Her Eyes” New Poetry Collection

Asma al-Mohattwari

Far away from the news of assassinations, killing and explosions, also in spite of the difficult situation Yemen has been enduring, a bright future can be seen on one side. On January 29th, Eman Abu-Bakr, a young poet, announced her first poems collections titled Behind the Darkness of Her Eyes to separate again the language of love.

At the ceremony that was held at the Basement institution, Raghda Gamal, poet, introduced the young poet, Eman, saying that readers will notice how Eman gathered the basic details for the Yemeni Youth lives toward many emotions, such as love, hope, astonishment, fear and frustration.

“Eman was able to turn back the memory of the reader to his first experience of love, along with details about his childhood unforgettable memories that they may miss today,” Gamal said.

Eman Abu-Bakr, 20 years old, started writing poetry when she was only 13 years of age. She did not take poetry as an ambition so she also joined the dentistry faculty to have objectives that she seeked to achieve.

Eman tells her personal experiences and feelings in 27 poems in her new first collection’ “this spontaneous feelings take me to engrave lines on the papers words that are almost thoughts at the age of thirteen.”

The title of her book Behind the Darkness of Her Eyes is a symbol to her and every Yemeni women’s personality. “In every female eye there is pain, nostalgia, love, longing, lost, joy, stillness, bang and all feelings exist behind the eyes of a women, especially the Yemeni woman who receives back lashes when she reveals such feelings,” Eman said.

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