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Smuggling a Range of Ancient Historical Monuments

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Smuggling a Range of Ancient Historical Monuments

By NY Staff
Yemeni coast guards could stop smuggling a range of the ancient historical monuments out of the country.

On the 30th of January, a Yemen security source stated that members of the Coast Guard were found with historical monuments, in which they were trying to smuggle them into one of the countries within the Horn of Africa, through the gate of Makha port. 

The security source explained that the range of the ancient historical monuments included ten brass utensils, gate and dining table, and each of them Yemen’s ancient monuments dating back to more than two thousand years. 
Besides, during the month of January, security forces stopped more than three processes to smuggle ancient historical monuments through marine, land and airports.
Yemeni Culture Minister, Pro. Abdullah Aubl warned of the process of destroying the organization for cultural and historical stockpile of Yemen through smuggling and robberies in which target monuments and manuscripts. 
In addition, on October last year, seven archaeological swords and four Quranic Terrapins were stolen from the national museum. Fortunately, the security devices could arrest the defendants on Muammar neighborhood in old Sana’a. 

The Culture Minister states that they will complete the cataloging, the maintenance of manuscripts, and documenting the contents of museums, as well as providing them with the necessary oversight of electronic surveillance cameras and alarms during the year 2014,  in addition to the complete renovation of the legislative structure.