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Yemen LNG on Focus of Random Attacks

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By NY Staff

The Yemen LNG company confirms of a blast sounded offshore the Balhaf plant, coming from a rocket launching explosive devices. The company sent a press release to the media outlet in Yemen admitting to the fact of the blast causing no casualties or damage and confirming the ongoing operations of the Balhaf offshore terminal. “Security measures have been reinforced in order to ensure vigilant surveillance of the plant and vicinity. In addition, Yemen LNG is working with the Yemeni Authorities to take further measures around Balhaf in order to ensure maximum security of people and assets on site”. Said the source

Later on by Saturday, leaking news from Arabic websites said that the company evacuated its staff for security and safety matters. On December 10th, 2013, Yemen LNG confirmed that a rocket-launched an explosive device that landed on the ground inside the Balhaf Plant at the extremity of the process area. There were no injuries and only slight property damage. Production and shipping operations continue. Government has implemented additional measures around Balhaf to ensure maximum security of people and assets at Balhaf.  On December 6th, the company evacuated hundreds of workers from its Balhaf terminal on the Gulf of Aden, after a mortar round hit the site.

Company staff, including foreigners, were evacuated to the capital on four planes as a precaution over fears of potential attacks on the terminal, employees said.

The evacuation of non-essential staff, however, did not affect operations and liquefaction trains, which have a capacity of 6.7 million tonnes of LNG per year, the ministry official said.

Yemen LNG Gas Company has evacuated hundreds of workers from its Balhaf terminal on the Gulf of Aden, after a mortar round hit the site, an oil ministry official and employees said Sunday.

He said the plant employs some 1,200 staff and that the partial evacuation was decided after the mortar shell hit the port.