A New Shop for Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Patients

By Wafa Alkhazzan

Yemeni people are suffering from a high volume of patients with diabetes in Yemen, up to 10-12%, and from this percentage very few appear to the fact that most people with diabetes in Yemen are not registered, and that most of the deaths that we do not know of the causes are resulting from diabetes. In addition; eating unhealthy food that cannot be fit with their disease, so the people who suffer from diabetes should at least be aware of this fact and having the government give those rights to reduce their suffering.

The head of the Yemeni Association of Diabetes, Dr. Atef Zayed, pointed out that Yemen began experiencing this problem, which is not only a health problem but also a social and economic. He stressed concerted efforts to raise awareness of the seriousness of this disease and its health effects.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas does not produce insulin in sufficient quantity, or when the body cannot use that article effectively, this leads to increase the concentration of sugar in the blood (hyperglycemia).

In the beginning of this year a new market appears to cover the needs of patients with diabetes. The idea of the shop came from the needs of special foods for people who are in health disorder (like diabetes, high blood pressure, over-weight, etc.). They aim to provide for such people, with trusted advice and high-quality goods. This market sells food such as; sugar free chocolates, light creams, diabetic rice, canola oil and gluten free pasta.

Basheer Alsamawi said that (We have much concern to only provide reduced Sodium salt, brown sugar, whole wheat pastas, diet rice, light tuna, canola oil, unsalted and un-grilled nuts, law and free fat cheeses, 100% natural fruit juices, sugar free foods and other good stuff (with other certified sweeteners that do not contain aspartame) for diabetes, high blood pressure patients and on-diet people tell them the benefits of such food (even with goods that contain aspartame we usually tell them that this substance is not certified in the international laboratories of not having harmful effects on the bodies health).

He added that (We are also providing the costumers with whole-wheat grain breads either from the western bakery (like toast, buns, French bread, etc.) or from the local bakery (like Thamol, Qafo’a, etc.). In the future we will open a new section for fresh natural nuts, organic vegetables, fruits and fresh mushrooms).


  • ??? if medical care cannot cope with diabetes, why are people being offered any grain products? Prior to the commercialization of insulin, the standard treatment was zero grains and milk (cream is OK — it is a fat). ttm

  • just reread the article: juices?! mostly sugars; fruits?! mostly sugars. is he trying to poison these people or provide a captive market for insulin manufacturers? What is "light" cream? Somebody needs to get up to date on recent nutrition research.