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Al-Attass Shows Initial Approval to Lead a Technocratic Government

National Yemen

Haidar Abu Baker al-Atas

By Fakhri al-Arashi

News sources revealed the initial approval of the first prime minister of United Yemen government, Haidar Abu Baker al-Attass. He accepted in taking on the position of prime minister for the next coming government.  President Hadi is making an extensive unannounced negotiations with some Arab countries to convince the southern leader to be part of the upcoming new government, which will be announced soon for the next phase of the transition, with full support of the gulf countries.

The negotiations has reached a good level and the southern former prime minister shows his initial readiness.  Technical details remain in the shape and names of the proposed cabinet. Both have agreed to draw a time plan to carry on the 20 points of solving the southern problems and the final number of states which are supposed to be announced by the end of the current month.