Community Service Activity

By/ Mohammed Al-Adlani
An Access Student at AMIDEAST

It is known that, at AMIDEAST, the students have different activities. On Tuesday 2014/1/19, some students and I attended a workshop on How to Plan Your Own Community Service Activity with the volunteer trainer Mohammed Al-Waber. It was very interesting and inspirational. We learned six steps that helped us serve our community. I would like to share this information with my dear readers.

The first step was about “Reflect and Get inspired”. In this step, we learned that we should think about the changes we would like to see happening, whether they are in ourselves, our schools, our community, our country, or even the world. The second step was “Identifying and getting informed”. The teacher told us that we could learn more by gathering information about the things that interest us. By informing ourselves, we will be more prepared to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. The third step is “Lead and Get others involved”. Also, the teacher said that being a good leader is about building on the skills you have and knowing how to leverage the strengths of others. The fourth method is “Get connected”. We understood that networking can give us ideas and access to knowledge and experience in helping gain support for our project. The fifth technique is “Plan and Get moving”. In this step, it was the time that we were equipped to take action. The sixth method is “Have a Lasting Impact”. The teacher stated that monitoring and evaluation are important parts of project management.

After we had finished the lecture, the teacher divided us to several groups. Each group was told to choose a project. The project should be useful in our community. Regarding my group, we decided to make a project about anti-smoking. The other groups chose different projects such as cleaning the street and helping the homeless people. On Monday 2014/1/25, we went to one of the famous shopping centers in Sana’a. When we arrived there, we divided ourselves into three groups. Every group went to a different direction. We started from the first floor. We were looking for people who are smoking. When we talked to one of those who smoke, we started with introducing ourselves to him and what we were doing. We asked smokers to give us their cigarettes and we will give them chocolates. Many of the smokers were interactive with us. Some of them were very responsive to the extent that they gave us the pack of their cigarettes.

I enjoyed a lot doing this awareness activity. I know that it is difficult sometimes to convince someone to give up smoking. However, why don’t we give it a try? At least we learn how to negotiate with others about something.