Fifth Attack on Yemeni Power Transmission Lines in Less than Ten Days

National Yemen


By NY Staff

The Yemeni power transmission lines was attacked by an armed person named Ali Hammoud Shouaibi with his sons and his nephews, in al-Shoubah village in Sana’a.

A responsible source in Joint operations room at the Ministry of Electricity explained that al-Shoubah and his relatives have implemented the attack by using the Iron strikes on high-voltage lines which would result in the Marib gas stations being out of service.

According to the source, the attack happened on the 8th of February 2014, and is the fifth attack during this week. The first attack was on the 3rd of February 2014 in the same village which led to a black out in all the governorates.

The source explained that in this time the vandals also used Iron strikes to implement their attack in the area between Dahra and Almahajer in Sana’a.

In addition the forth attack was on the 5th of February 2014 by the same   vandals with the same plot.

The Director General of Commercial Affairs in the Public Electricity Corporation, engineer said that the Foundation’s losses because of these attacks during the years 2011-2013 reached to 52 billion YR.

In addition the number of attacks during the years 2011- 2013 reached to more than 200 attacks which led to heavy losses.