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Motorcyclists Protest Downtown

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Motorcycles protest for their rights

By NY Staff

Expected on Sunday the 9th of February, for drivers of motorcycles to hold a protest, at Tahrir Square, the center of the Yemeni’s capital, Sana’a.  The protest was adopted by a ban of motorcyclists organizing together to have their voices heard. Their campaign follows the phrase: “enough mercy who is on earth” which is launched by their syndication, on the 19th of last January.

According to a source in this motorcyclist’s syndication, the protest is being held because of the government’s decision to extend the ban of motorcycle movement in Sana’a.

The source called the civil society organizations, labor unions, activists in the field of human rights, journalists’ union, all video and audio advertising media, and websites to attend the protest to stand beside these motorcyclists against the decision taken by an unfair government. 

It is worth to mentioning that the motorcyclist’s syndication announced their disagreement about the banning decision leading to the suffering of thousands of families who depend on the profit of their driving (motorcycles) for their income. 

Earlier, the organization held a press conference, in which they discussed the suffering and the situation of these families as a result of the security committee’s decision.

In its statement the organization claims that the security committee tries to cover its repeated defeats in the terrorists’ hand by such decision to feel itself successful at the expense of the poor citizens.

The organization called the state and president Hadi at the top to put a solution to this injustice to avoid the spread of crime because of the spreading unemployment.

It mentioned that the motorcycle drivers were forced many times to stop their work during the period of the National Dialogue Conference to preserve security within the country, and they ignored the negative effect of this decision which led to the psychological deterioration of living for thousands of these families.