New Branches for Children Advocacy Networks around Yemen

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Save the children advocacy meeting

Asma al-Mohattwari

“The Media is only reflecting the bad side of Yemen and ignores the good side like morals and faith” said Jerry FarrellSave the Children’s Country Director in Yemen in the consultative meeting of the Children Advocacy Network members.

In a meeting held in February 5th in the Save the Children organization (SCO) Farrell said that they are working with the ministry of Human Rights to implement the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) outputs that are related to children especially killing children and early marriage.

The consultative meeting approved the network plan for the year 2014. The plan included training programs and field visit to a number of provinces to make awareness campaigns and advocate for children’s issues, also the media works to keep them aware of the childhood issues in Yemen.

SCO Policy and advocacy Director, general supervisor of the network, Fatima al-Ajel, said that the network was established during the past period branches in the Hodeida and Amran governorates, “in the coming period we will establish branches of the network in Aden, Lahej, Taiz and Dhamar provinces in order to expand the network activities which would contribute to strengthening the partnership with various media to mobilize and advocate for children’s issues”.

Network General Coordinator, Hassen al-Warith, pointed that the network will work in the coming period to develop and enhance the skills of its members, journalists and media professionals to be active partners in advocating for children’s issues as well as work to promote community awareness of children’s rights and stand against all forms of violence against them.

Al-Warith called everyone to make their efforts in order to achieve the ultimate goal of the network: child protection and advocacy issues.