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Political Security Colonel Killed By a Bomb Planted In His Car

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Asma al-Mohattwari

Today Sunday 9th,  Yemeni intelligence officer was killed in a new assassination attack. Explosive device planted in Echo – Toyota car and bearing a private plate number (1- 42346) leaving the Colonel Mohammed Fadel dead and two more .

Witnesses said that Colonel Mohamed Fadel, director in Political Security Organization (PSO) was driving in a side street behind the building of the Ministry of Oil, located in al-Zubairy Main Street in Sana’a, where the car exploded.  Mr. Aref Mohram, PR manager in the oil ministry, confirmed that the target was not the ministry of oil and that the car explosion next to the ministry was just a coincidence.

Initial previews of the explosion showed that the targeted was the car owner because the bomb was planted under the driver seat and damages surrounded only the driver seat while other seats were saved. Mohram denied what some websites reveled, he said that it is not true that the car tried to enter the ministry and it was not targeted for anyone within the ministry.

In light of the uncontrolled security situation, the Minister of oil, Ahmed Abdulla Daress, submitted his resignation two weeks ago due to internal and external pressures that aimed to hinder the efforts and negotiations that aimed to modify and raise Yemeni gas prices. Ahmed Salem Basarih oil deputy Minister replaced the position of Daress.

By February 1st, Yemenis organized a march to demand that President Hadi, the government and the Ministry of Oil, to cancel the deal of modifying Yemeni gas which the former regime sold to Total and Kogas companies.