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Scholars and Sheikhs of Yemen in Sheikh Ahmar’s house

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By NY Staff

After Ahmar sons lost in their hast war in Hashid region with the Houthis, a large number of scholars and sheikhs of Yemen held a meeting to discuss some issues and the most prominent attacks of Houthis that took place in different regions in Yemen.

The decision of the meeting that was held in Sheikh Abdullah bin Hussein Ahmar’s house in al-Hasaba was to form a Committee of 60 people of scholars and sheikhs of Yemen in order to meet the president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi to offer some vital points.

The most important points were to impose state sovereignty over every inch of the territory of Yemen, stop the current wars in some Yemeni regions, and force the Houthis to submit their heavy weapons as well as to form political parties.

In the meeting the scholars and sheikhs demanded to form a preparatory committee to prepare for a general conference for all Yemeni tribes, while Sheikh Sadiq Ahmar said that if the country didn’t do its duties, the result will be a civil war.

He continued to state that the head of Yemen’s Scholars Commission, Sheikh Abdul Majeed al-Zindani called all the Yemenis and their army to unite their word, also he suggested to form three committees, one to extinguish what he described as the smoldering fire, then to form anther committee to meet the president Hadi, and the third one to hold a popular conference for all Yemenis.

Al-Zindani considered the tribe as the support of the state in case it is absent. 

Furthermore, Sheikh Abdullah Saeter said that the state is responsible for everything that has happened, he called the Houthis to stop killing every day and he also called to turn the barriers into schools and the holder of guns into a holder of Doctorate Certificates.

In addition, the Sheikh Osman Magali described what happened as a Military incursion by the Houthis, and the support is from internal and external parties, he also emphasized that Houthis won’t stop their attacks here and they will reach all the Yemenis regions if no one stops them.

On the other note, Osaimat region in north Yemen fell down in the hand of Ansar Allah “Houthis” after they defeated Hussein Ahmar in al-Khumri and Naqeel Agamr cities that belonged to the Hashid tribes.