The Land of Oil and Honey

By Fakhri al-Arashi

Hadhramout, the largest governorate in Yemen, known throughout our country as the land of oil and honey. My editorial this week derives as a result of the oil conflicts that is occurring present day in the land of honey with our peaceful Hadhrami people.

Looking over the past 23 years of Yemen’s unity, through both the rises and falls, Hadhramout remained an exceptional case for all good options, life, investment, tourism, business and art.  It has been known for being a place of peace, knowledge and smart business. For those reasons and many more, the Hadhrami people thought of all the cities in the world as their second home. Reaching from Far East to West for intelligence and love for the business and trade.

Despite the negative media that is deriving from Hadhramout and the regular attacks to soldiers and oil company pipelines, the matter still needs a bit of justification to understand the dramatic change that takes place at the wrong time of re-correcting the mistaken past for all of Yemen.
As a result of our erroneous past, the people in Hadhramout are misleading the golden rule of re-distributing wealth and power for the favor of the federal states. The question here, why are the people of Hadhramout coming to this realization now and not prior? Why do the people not realize the oil wells and production in Yemen and that it isn’t the appropriate time for selfish calls that could never take place until the upcoming years.

How do people understand the armed movements of unarmed citizens? Does this happen through advanced guidelines from the former regime, whom is accused of using his loyalist there to destabilize the governorate. Some other politicians accuse the former deputy president Ali Salem Al-Beid of financing the rebellions to retake back their stolen land. From here and there, the oil and gas companies have been accused of backing these movements for their contractual favor too. If we assume all scenarios are true, why don’t the people in Hadhramout give it a last try for a peaceful future? A few years is not a long wait in the life of people comparing to the lost of a long past.